Frequently Asked Questions

help-146073_6401- Q: How long do cleanings take?

A: It depends on the size and condition of your home. We clean every type of home from apartments to Single homes to mansions to estates. We clean homes that haven’t been cleaned in a long time and we clean homes that have been maintained for the most part.

2- Q: How much notice do you need to have your home cleaned?

A: Usually we need about 1 weeks’ notice however sometimes we can fit you in sooner.

3- Q: What is the earliest a team will arrive to my home? Can I be first?

A: The earliest a team will arrive depends on how close your home is located to our office. Our teams arrive to their first house somewhere between 8:00 – 9:00 am. This also depends on traffic. We dispatch our teams on a geographical schedule. If at all possible we will do our best to accommodate your time preferences.

4- Q: Does someone have to be home for my cleanings?

A: No, if you have a garage code, lock box, or an alarm code we can enter that way. Or, you can provide us with a key that we tag only with a number, not your name or address. We will also need payment at the end of the cleaning. You can pay by credit card and we will leave a receipt on the counter when we are finished. We will also follow up with you in a day or so after your cleaning from our office.

5- Q: Can I rotate the rooms I want cleaned each time your crew comes out and limit the time and money I want to spend?

A: Yes, all we ask is for is at least 1 hour of work. We cannot promise everything can be cleaned in the time allowed but will not go over what you want to spend either. We would ask that you give us a priority list in the order of what is most important to you.

6- Q: Do you work weekends or nights?

A: No, we are open Monday – Friday and depending on where your home fits in our schedule geographically will determine what time your Cohen Cleaning team will arrive to clean your home. The latest a team will arrive on an initial cleaning depending on where it fits geographically would be around 3:00 pm.

If weekend’s cleaning is required, please call the office

7-Q: Are your cleaners insured and bonded? Do you do criminal history checks on you cleaners?

A: Absolutely! Cohen cleaning services is fully insured for your protection, our cleaners’ protection as well as for our protection. The typical “housekeeper” does not carry the insurance that Cohen cleaning services does. If something of great value is broken or damaged, or if your “housekeeper” falls or is injured on the job you are going to pay dearly. By hiring Cohen cleaning services you have the peace of mind that we are covered by Liability and Bond insurance policies. Hiring Cohen cleaning services is safer than hiring a housekeeper.

8- Q: Do your cleaners bring all their equipment with them including their rags? Can I supply my own supplies, vacuum and rags?

A: yes and yes.

9- Q: How do you clean your rags at the end of the day?

A: Our rags go through a 4 step sanitation process before being used in your home.
We will not bring dirty rags into our customers home or rags that have not been disinfected and are germ free.

10-Q: Do I need to sign an agreement? Does your agreement hold me to any future cleanings?

A: Yes. If you schedule a one-time cleaning that is all that you are obligated for. Should you decide to have Cohen cleaning services clean your home on a regular basis, you are obligated to those cleanings until you no longer need services. We need 24 hours notice (on a weekday) should you need to cancel, postpone or reschedule any cleanings.

11- Q: What form of payment do you except?

A: cash, credit card and check (checks and credit cards are accepted with valid identification.) Mastercard, VISA and American Express credit cards are accepted. If you pay by credit card you are assessed a 3.5% credit card processing fee.

12-Q: Is there a cancellation fee?

A: $50 for last minute cancellations. No charge is assessed if you cancel 24 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning. Monday clients must cancel by Friday by 12:00 pm.

13- Q: Do people tip the cleaners and if so how much?

A: Not everyone does, those who do usually tip according to the job taking in consideration on how long it took.
The cleaners do not expect a tip but very much appreciate it.

14-Q: Will you do laundry? sort? wash? dry? fold?

A:  Yes, Call the office for information.