Residential Pricing

Initial Cleanings – many factors determine the length of time that it takes to clean a home the first time we clean it. Every home is different. Some are tidy and some are not. Some have been maintained and some have not. That is why we charge hourly for all initial cleanings. Our initial cleanings are top to bottom thorough cleanings.  We like to clean behind and under things that the average homeowner just doesn’t have time to keep up with.

Maintenance Cleanings – take much less time than an initial cleaning and cost less because your home had been thoroughly cleaned and simply requires maintenance care. Fees are  based upon the size of your home, number of people and pets living in the home and frequency of cleanings. Call our office to discuss your home and needs and we will provide pricing and availability information.

Larger homes take longer to clean than smaller homes. Cluttered homes take more time; organized homes take less. Every home is different and that is why we take into consideration the information supplied before submitting a “regular basis” cleaning estimate. Pricing is adjusted in the event of a job taking longer or shorter than estimated.

We would appreciate an opportunity to clean your home. To book a free in-home consultation and estimate, just complete the form below or call us at  215-346-7173. We’ll set up a convenient appointment time with one of our professional estimators to discuss your home cleaning needs.

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